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Quartz x Amethyst Bookends

Quartz x Amethyst Bookends

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Handmade in USA

Genuine Crystals

18K Gold Trim


Originated in Aztec, skulls in art represent resurrection and celebration of life. 

Gorgeous geode symbolically represents the powerful crown chakra. Adorned with a melange of genuine quartz, amethyst and raw crystals with copper trim. 

Perfect as a paperweight, book end or shelf decor. 

**crystal sizes and placement are unique to each bowl and vary and size and shape.


Size: 3” x 3.5” x 4.7"  


genuine crystal quartz, concrete

"My husband has razor bumps and says the swag bar is the best thing ever. I believe we have purchased five bars. Thank you!!!!"

Susan C.

These 2 items go together real bad.

Add 'em to your selfcare routine. #grwm

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