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Prayer Beads

Prayer Beads

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Prayer Beads


Genuine Black Lava Stone

Comes in dust bag to safe keeping. 

Rub a couple drops of essential or sacred oil to your beads before wear or use for aromatherapy. 


Black Lava Stone pendant trimmed in 24K Gold overlay.

Prayer and meditation grounds you, keeping you rooted to the earth. These sacred prayer beads are made with porous black lava stone that acts as an aromatherapy diffuser. Use during prayer, meditation, yoga or daily as a necklace. We know, coolest thing ever.


20" inch necklace

Pendant stone 2.5-'3"

"My husband has razor bumps and says the swag bar is the best thing ever. I believe we have purchased five bars. Thank you!!!!"

Susan C.

These 2 items go together real bad.

Add 'em to your selfcare routine. #grwm

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