Reign Supreme - Genuine Amethyst Fire Bowl

Reign Supreme - Genuine Amethyst Fire Bowl

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Absolutely gorgeous ... no two bowls are alike. 

This handcrafted genuine amethyst fire bowl creates the most soothing ambiance for your home or office. Complements any indoor or outdoor space with clean burning, odorless and smokeless benefits. Lasts a lifetime - bowl has no wax or wicks like candles.  Place a few drops of essential oils on top for aromatherapy experience. 

Details: amethyst gemstones trimmed with 14k gold. 

Stone Properties: transformation, trauma recovery, energy cleansing, enhance stability, calmness, intuition and clarity.  

Included: fire bowl, fireproof glass marbles, fuel can for alcohol, directions

Size 5.5" x 3" 

** isopropyl alcohol not included.


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